At Livewire Home Integration, we take a holistic approach to designing, installing and supporting all aspects of intelligent home systems, from music distribution, video streaming, lighting, entry & security systems, control systems and IT solutions, through to dedicated home cinema rooms.

We ensure our solutions seamlessly integrate into our clients’ lifestyle to enhance their homes and leisure time and complement their property, whether it is traditional or contemporary in style.

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looking, feeling and Sounding amazing

Completely bespoke, Livewire solutions provide maximum enjoyment and entertainment without compromising your living space. They’re designed to take your breath away by creating an elegant, stylish, welcoming home that you’ll love to live in.

Our project management and installation teams have a wealth of knowledge and experience in fulfilling the requirements of our clients. Livewire takes on the complete home automation project, managing the whole journey from inception to completion. We don’t stop there: our outstanding after-sales service will safeguard your investment for years to come.


Wired and Wi-fi Network

The components that underpin your intelligent home depend on a reliable, resilient structured network. It’s the platform on which to install, automate and run your IT, multi-room audio and video, air-conditioning, telecommunications, control systems, lighting & blinds and home security.

For the automated functions described elsewhere on this site to interact seamlessly, structured cabling must be integrated into your home, invisibly, with no untidy cabling obstructing your view or cluttering the floor. Then a single remote control will be able to activate multiple functions and your audio and video choices will be delivered using IP (internet protocol) technology.


Intelligent lighting can be the key to creating the perfect atmosphere across your home for all occasions and can also make an important contribution to security by creating the illusion that your home is occupied.

Livewire designs and installs solutions for lighting and blinds that make the most of your environment. Our attention to detail becomes apparent in everything we do, round the clock…




Having the level of control and the ability to tailor every room to your preferences doesn’t make life more complicated for you. You can easily control each room or choose multi-room output through a touch-screen wall-mounted panel, a sleek user-friendly remote control device or your iPad or iPhone.

It’s the stuff of science fiction and with Livewire it’s available today.

Everything we do is designed to optimise your home and your lifestyle. We’ll look at how you use your property – your home, garden and any outbuildings – and identify different ‘zones’ that map onto your usage and enable centralised control of all products, including TV, Sky+, Blu-ray and surround-sound systems, across your home.



Livewire can create a listening experience with the quality and sensation of a command performance – just for you.

Audiophile grade listening room design will ensure that the sound quality is as close to the artist’s original recital as possible. Importantly, the solution must be acoustically correct for the architecture. 



The wealth of cinematic technology available today could make creating your own personal cinema a confusing process, but our knowledgeable experts will give you every assistance in choosing the solutions to achieve your dreams.

Acoustically transparent screens, Blu-ray/DVD sources, centralised media servers and surround-sound systems… these are just some of the elements that will be carefully blended into the perfect viewing experience.

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door entry and security

Rigorous security is essential to safeguard your property and those for whom you care. But you don’t want your home to look or feel like a fortress.

Door-entry systems are commonplace, but at Livewire, we source specialist kit from around the world that displays the extra touches to complement the style of your home.

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The first step toward benefiting from a Livewire home integration solution is an informal exploratory telephone consultation about your objectives (or your client’s).

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Should you then decide to take it a step further, we will meet with you on site and conduct a ‘walk-through’ of the property in question to better determine your requirements and how we can best meet them. It’s a testimony to the deep understanding we build of our clients’ requirements that the great majority of our proposals result in Livewire being awarded the contract.

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