Video Systems

Streamlined, sophisticated video that’s completely at your beck and call.

Livewire can advise on all areas of satellite and aerial distribution. Whatever you require – from a single zone Sky HD receiver to a multiple zone European satellite solution – we will source the necessary equipment and use our expertise to fit it efficiently and inconspicuously.

You may wish to make a feature of the video source or choose to have it unobtrusively hidden from view. We can make it as discreet or as visible as you wish in every room you equip.

Hidden projectors, wall-recessed plasmas, screens that appear at the touch of a button… we can install multi-room video in any room of the home to provide elegant viewing solutions from the bedroom to the bathroom and even the terrace.

We can also implement the control systems to enable you to browse, select and distribute your chosen video, again at the touch of a button. Then, all you have to do is sit back and enjoy the ultimate viewing experience.

At the press of a single button, you can lower the projector screen from the roof, close the blinds, put on low-level lighting, send all calls to answerphone and bring up your list of films for selection.

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