Telephone Systems

Impartial advice on business-grade telephony systems

Livewire can design and implement customised telephone systems with multiple lines that are integrated into your home automation system. This means that you can always be contactable… unless you choose not to be, of course.

We use IP (internet protocol) telephony and digital phone systems that offer a host of features and flexibility in a streamlined, cost-effective manner.

Do you need to separate out your business and personal calls, or have a line for the granny annexe or staff quarters, so that calls can be itemised? Do you want to use the phone as a one-to-one intercom or as a broadcast system to call everyone down for dinner? These are just some of the features we can incorporate.

The telephone can be a powerful, tried and tested tool in controlling your environment. As an example of this integration with home automation: a caller at the gate rings through to your home phone. You then press a button on the phone keypad to buzz them in, or enter a code to open your gate/garage. This avoids the need for a separate security control panel.

As always, we explore and assess your communication needs and how you use your property to design the ideal, future-proofed infrastructure. We live and breathe technology but we never focus on it for its own sake or add unnecessary complexity: we regard even the most cutting-edge products simply as tools to fulfil our clients’ requirements.

“We have found Livewire an exceptionally nice company to deal with. They are knowledgeable, very pleasant and they do not forget about the customers once they have signed up. They have responded to any problems quickly and efficiently.” Paul

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