Security & Door Entry

Protecting your home and your privacy

Rigorous security is essential to safeguard your property and those for whom you care. But you don’t want your home to look or feel like a fortress.

Door-entry and CCTV security systems are commonplace, but at Livewire we source specialist kit from around the world that displays the extra touches to complement the style of your home.

Every element of your home security system deserves the same level of care and attention to detail both inside and outside your property. Whether you admire brushed aluminium wall panels with high-quality OLED screens or prefer the technology to blend in with your existing finish, we can source it and install it for you. Then through a single, one-touch button, you can lock down all security at your home, including lights and power to all unnecessary outlets.

Opportunist burglars strike when the occupants are otherwise engaged, but with Livewire they have met their match! When you are watching a film in the home cinema, the security system will lock all doors and windows.

Should the doorbell ring, you can see whether it is worth interrupting your viewing as your video door system will route through to the screen in the cinema room.

As required by your insurers and for your own peace of mind, all these solutions will be installed by carefully vetted, qualified engineers. Trained and certified to rigorous industry standards, they will apply the latest techniques and best practice to safeguarding your home.

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