Audio Systems

Browse, select and distribute music at the touch of a button

Livewire can create a listening experience with the quality and sensation of a command performance – just for you.

Audiophile grade listening room design will ensure that the sound quality is as close to the artist’s original recital as possible. Importantly, the solution must be acoustically correct for the architecture. For example, we’ll take into account features such as a domed ceiling to avoid bounce-back or echo.

In the wrong hands, systems such as audio systems and speakers could be intrusive. Be assured, we design an environment that will become a visual asset to your home. You can also choose to have equipment embedded in walls, ceilings or behind a piece of artwork. As a result, there is no obstacle, no cable clutter, no CD or DVD storage racks to impede your line of sight or impair your aesthetic appreciation.

Centralised servers will store and protect your music and media while making the content easily accessible whenever and wherever the mood takes you.

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