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Appreciate the finer things in life… wherever and whenever the mood takes you

Imagine this scenario…

As you press ‘start’ to view your chosen movie, the perfect environment is automatically created: the lights dim, the blinds come down and the speakers are set to the just the right volume.

You know how the phone always rings just at the exciting bit? All your phones will have been automatically switched to voicemail, so you can watch undisturbed.

You’re engrossed in a film, but need to raid the fridge or go to bed: in ‘follow me’ mode, you’ll never miss a moment of viewing or listening. The high-definition source is distributed across your property, so you can pick up where you left off, instantly, in another room.

If you’re more of a music aficionado, imagine your chosen tracks could follow you throughout your home or you could choose different music to play in different settings inside and outside.

You’d like all your family and guests to be able to listen simultaneously: ‘Party-mode’ lets you do just that, streaming the same experience throughout your home.

Your whole home, including your garden or terrace, could become a celebration of the arts, with music setting the mood and entertaining your family and guests, and with video conveniently available at every turn.

Sophistication without complexity

Having this level of control and the ability to tailor every room to your preferences doesn’t make life more complicated for you. You can easily control each room or choose multi-room output through a touch-screen wall-mounted panel, a sleek user-friendly remote control device or your iPad or iPhone.

It’s the stuff of science fiction and with Livewire it’s available today.

Everything we do is designed to optimise your home and your lifestyle. We’ll look at how you use your property – your home, garden and any outbuildings – and identify different ‘zones’ that map onto your usage and enable centralised control of all products, including TV, Sky+, Blu-ray and surround-sound systems, across your home.

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