Bowers & Wilkins has a long history of technological innovation in its pursuit of the perfect l

oudspeaker. Whether it’s through the innovative use of materials such as Kevlar and Diamond, new solutions to complex engineering conundrums, or ‘eureka moments’ of brilliance, Bowers & Wilkins engineers constantly strive to produce the best possible sound.


Bose is known to discerning customers throughout the world as a provider of quality home cinema, music and loudspeaker systems. Wherever good sound is needed, Bose is there.

In the UK Bose Ltd. was established in 1976 as a subsidiary of the Bose Corporation and quickly developed strong dealer networks for the specialist Hi-Fi and Professional Products markets. Sales, customer service and dealer support are co-ordinated from the company’s Head Office in Gillingham, Kent, which also provides technical support for all Bose products sold in the UK.


The Leon Speakers Corporation, established in 1995 in Ann Arbor, Michigan, is a worldwide leader in high-performance, audiophile-grade on-wall loudspeakers. Leon Speakers pioneered the design, research and development, and refinement of high-fidelity on-wall loudspeakers. Today, they meticulously handcraft a full range of elegant loudspeaker solutions, seeking to bring immersive home theater experiences into luxury living spaces.

Stealth Accoustics

Stealth Acoustics is a division of Dimensional Communications, Inc. a premier systems integration firm based near Seattle, WA USA. For over 37 years the direct experiences derived from countless systems integration projects have framed everything we do at Stealth Acoustics – in short, even though we are a world-class speaker manufacturer, we have systems integration in our blood and know what works and what doesn’t towards a great sounding and reliable system.


Amina Technologies Ltd was formed in 1999 and is now the world’s leading supplier of totally invisible loudspeaker solutions. The head office is in the UK with a sales office in the US and distribution partners throughout the world.

Using Distributed Mode Loudspeaker (DML) technology, Amina has developed a range of invisible loudspeakers suitable for both residential and commercial applications. These products are now used in stunning projects across every continent.

Monitor Audio

Monitor Audio Ltd is a British owned and managed global specialist in hi-fi loudspeaker design, incorporating stereo and surround sound systems and a range of sonically matched architectural speakers for ultra discreet high quality sound around the home and outside.
Whatever your taste and budget you’ll discover a Monitor Audio speaker that answers your desire for great sound. Since hi-fi was in its infancy we’ve dedicated all our technical expertise, innovation and craftsmanship to the creation of world-class loudspeakers, which communicate the essence of our brand and reward the people who buy them. We want you to share and enjoy the blend of style, quality, performance and sophistication that makes Monitor Audio unique.


Velodyne Acoustics has been the industry leader in subwoofer styling, performance, and value for over 25 years. Combining “Silicon Valley” space age engineering, close tolerance manufacturing, computer testing and extensive listening evaluations, Velodyne subwoofers represent the fusuion of the science and the Art of speaker design.

Rel Accoustics

REL Acoustics Ltd of Great Britain designs and manufactures high quality, award-winning sub-bass systems for use in two-channel and multi-channel music and multi-channel home theatre systems. For over ten years, the evolving range of REL products has delighted audiophiles and cinephiles around the world, and received universal critical acclaim. Its superiority remains unchallenged, proving that genuine sub-bass is a rare commodity, and only available from a specialist.


PMC is a UK based, world-leading manufacturer of professional monitor and audiophile speaker systems. PMC designs feature its uniquely engineered Advanced Transmission Line (ATL™) technology, which provides a near identical, high resolution, wide bandwidth signal response across the complete product range. Proprietary drive units, electronics and cabinet engineering, provide unrivalled tonal accuracy, clarity and dynamic range throughout a range of designs, extending from the world’s smallest ATL™ design, the DB1i, to large scale active control room monitoring systems such as the flagship BB5-XBD-A. PMC monitor systems are in service with most of the world’s premiere music and film sound recording studios, broadcast companies, post production and audio mastering facilities.

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