Our Approach

No compromise on quality

At Livewire, we’re uncompromising about our commitment to high standards. We know that clients live with our handiwork for a long time after we’ve tidied up and left. Today’s quick fix is tomorrow’s glaring imperfection. So, it has to be right, right from the start. We don’t and won’t cut corners.

We’re passionate about technology but are not overawed by it. We regard it as a way to take comfort, style and enjoyment to new levels, not as an end in itself. Does a potential product have the specification that matches your requirements exactly? Is it easy and intuitive for everyone in your home to use? Will it stand the test of time? Does it offer great value for money?

We use technology strategically. It may well be that an iconic brand perfectly fits the bill, but we take a long, cool look at what’s on the market and offer our expert and impartial advice on the optimum solution to achieve your objectives and maximise your budget.

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